Junk Food U-Turn Is Cowardly And Un-Conservative – The Times

Everyone knows junk-food Bogofs (buy one get one free) are a total swindle, preying on our cravings and encouraging us to buy food that doesn’t sell at full price and that we do not need.

As a father of four, my heart sinks when they target my seven-year-old by placing sugary snack promotions directly in his eye-line, and cause a pointless argument.

And everyone knows junk food advertising targets children on their way home from school. My blood boils every time an endlessly-hungry teenager succumbs to junk food cravings and orders another cheeseburger loaded with all the unhealthy gubbins.

Supermarkets are so competitive that multi-buys are on the way out. Many are for healthy food, for example, “two for £2” for avocados, blueberries and grapes

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